Friday, June 27, 2014

Before we leave for a fun day in New Orleans, we thought you might enjoy a story written yesterday by a table full of sophomore boys. Disclaimer: this account of the trip has not been fact-checked. Enjoy!

"Dear anyone willing to listen,
It's currently Thursday June 26, 2014 in Dulac, Louisiana.... I think. Apparently there's no such thing as clocks in Dulac. We've been rationing food for the last three days. The water is slowly running out. We probably will not have any by the end of today. We were attacked by the savages again yesterday. They took David Collins. The gators have been following us the past three days. They are just waiting. We took shelter in a Sonic, but they are almost through the door. Our only defense against them is ice cream cones and sporks. They keep breaking.
Leadership is questionable. Whoever has the most toes after dealing with the crocodiles will be crowned king. The current king has four total toes. We need help. We will not make it much longer.
Save our souls,

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