Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello from a very rainy Dulac, Louisiana,
We're just finishing up our fourth day of service and everyone is still in good spirits. There seems to be a general consensus that the days spent at our work sites have flown by much too quickly. Tomorrow is our final day of work and at dinner we will be joined by all of our gracious hosts whose homes we have been repairing. It should be a nice culmination of all the work we've done here and a time to celebrate with all those who have made our time here so special. As promised, here are a few more thoughts from the students:

"The first half of our trip has been eventful and productive. The families that we are serving have opened up their homes to us and shown their southern hospitality through serving us classic shrimp po'boys and shrimp stew. Everyone is in good spirits and excited to continue working to finish what we started. Hoping the second half of the week is as great as the first
-Kyle Kristiansen"

"Can't wait to start day 4 of work in Dulac, Louisianna. I'm having a great time making new friends and helping others in need. Hopefully we will get our ramp up soon!
-Sean Mikovits"

"Hey mom! It's Bella. Up-date is I am having a blast and I'm starting to have a love for power tools! Everything is alright over here... and I'm making Chris eat his veggies (I got you mom). Hope your weekend getaway is amazing with no children in the house! Love you!
<3 Bella Wright"

"Howdy y'all,
Dulac has been amazing! A lot of bugs and sweat but we are really enjoying ourselves. There have been a couple of mishaps but with the support of each other and God we have come out on the other side stronger with a lot of lessons learned. On my side we had an air condition unit fall and was caught between 2 pieces of wood. No one was hurt but we put our heads together and got it fixed within 2 hours. We all miss home but are following our call to help the people of Dulac and having fun doing it!
see y'all soon,
Rebecca Smoot"

"Howdy! I have been having so much fun this week, I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I'm making stairs at my site and they're coming along very nicely. Yesterday, the homeowner made us shrimp sandwiches and they were delicious. Also yesterday, I ate a bug for Sonic. It was a cockroach... yum. Well I can honestly say we're having the time of our lives and no one wants this trip to end.
Audrey Callinan"

With love,
The 2014 Mission Trip Team

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