Tuesday, June 17, 2014


1. Participants should meet at NEWARK LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, THIS Saturday, JUNE 21 at 6am. Terminal C, Upper Level, Door #7. Meet your travel leader on the curb at 6am. Please be prompt.

2.Flight Information for parents/guardians to keep track of:

June 21
Leave Newark at 8:54am - United Airlines Flight #UA 1549L
Arrive Houston at 11:37am

Leave Houston at 1:05pm - United Airlines Flight #UA 1194L
Arrive New Orleans at 2:17pm

3. If there are any last minute problems getting to the airport ON TIME, please contact Janet Smith at 908-578-1759.

4.  Food is available for purchase only on the flights. Please bring a brown bag of SNACKS, if needed. Everyone should eat BREAKFAST BEFORE arriving at the airport. Liquids are NOT allowed through security.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST WEAR YOUR BLUE PDA T-SHIRT TO NEWARK AIRPORT FOR THESE FLIGHTS GOING TO NEW ORLEANS! If you do not have a blue pda t-shirt, please contact Linnette in the church office ASAP at 908-233-0301!

6. The amount of luggage you can bring is limited to TWO ITEMS: One small carry-on bag and one bag to be checked that weighs 50 pounds or less.

Questions, comments, concerns, please contact Linnette Mercado in the church office 
at 908-233-0301 ext.22.

Follow the mission trip on social media: Twitter @pcw_youth & Instagram @pcwyouth

Also, friend Linnette on facebook @limercado! 

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