Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HSMT 2015: How is the group doing?

Hi! Today was great and we got a ton of work done at my site. We are building a retaining wall for a wonderful family that bakes us great sweets. Happy Birthday to Ava since I wont be able to see you! We are doing such great work and can't wait to see you all later!

-Abbey Wilson

Hey Everyone. We're having so much fun in Colorado. Although I miss home I'm meeting a ton of new people. I can't believe this is my last of 4 mission trips but I'm enjoying every second. Shout out to Christy, John, Ellie, and Roxy. Can't wait to see you!

-Audrey Callinan

After three days of work, we finally finished clearing over 3 feet of sand from an older couples' lawn. Their sense of appreciation put some of our group members as well as the older lady of the couple into tears during her closing prayer. Moments like this are exactly why I come and value these mission trips.


***The following sentences are all in fun. HAHA ***

Hey Parents,

It's been a pretty rough few days. I can't keep track any more because the bears ate all of our food. We are also without water. Colorado is lacking our needs. Shabazz is eating snake eggs because we have run out of bunnies. Because of the water shortage, we are showering in our own bodily fluids. SOS! Someone just got trampled by an elk because the advisors ditched us and dared us to tough it out alone in the woods. I think they are partying in the Stanley Hotel, a.k.a. the place where the Shining was filmed.

Amanda is doing a terrible job keeping us in check. I wonder how she will do at church in NJ. We are all jamming to Trampoline Booty because we are trying to have a good time. Please have a lot of food at the airport when we get home and please save us water, we can't wait to taste and feel what water is like.

HSMT Girls 2015

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