Monday, June 29, 2015

HSMT 2015: Notes from Some Participants

Hello from Colorado! I just wanted to let you all know that we have now had two amazing days in the Rockies. Our camp is definitely remote and rustic but the kids (and adults) are starting to get accustomed to mountain life. They have experienced showering in the stream that runs along the camp, some adventures in weak plumbing and water quality issues due to the floods.

Our kitchen team is amazing and has been making sure we are all well fed and that all our various dietary needs are accounted for.

I'm so grateful for this big class of freshman that have stuck with me in being rookies on this trip. These leaders and upper classmen have done such a good job making everyone feel included and empowered.

Keep praying for us as we finish out our week together. Pray with me that God uses this time in the mountains to reveal to all of us the goodness of Christian fellowship and the purpose of a life lived in service to God and one another.

In Christ,
Amanda Huels

Blog Jawn

Hey, whatsup, hello. You know we're just out here in Colorado.

Yesterday on the worksite I hurt my toe, you know but I still put on a show.

We showered in that river flow and luckily there was no snow, you know 'cus we're in Colorado.

This morning I even saw a crow, and it really made my heart glow.

All we eat for breakfast is cookie dough, so we're gettin' really fat yo.

You know, we're just out here in Colorado!

-Sam Brown & Sophie Martini

Yesterday we visited two sites; a cripple's home and another man's devastated field. However, they were not at all upset when we got there. In the 17 years of life, I've never seen anyone so grateful. You really get the feeling that you're making a difference.

-Jasper Baur

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  1. Thanks Sam, Sophie, Jasper Amanda, and Emily! Nice work on trash compacting Cotter:)