Friday, August 7, 2015

MSMT 2015: Day 2 Recap!

Seems like we have a bunch of JOKERS in the bunch! They MUST be having a great time! 

Dear Parents - I was left starving and alone in the Sahara desert, stricken of snacks with any appeal. 15 kids being held on the shoulders of two leaders, we are in peril. Currently, baking in a 20 x 15 ft room running at 85 degrees. I fear this will be the last note you receive from this mission. In God's name we pray.

Hi People - I am very excited and I'm NOT actually hurt. Surprise!

I swear this is a concentration camp really! I'm being forced to do this in my free time. But I am SO EXCITED about the market and aquarium, so yeah.
-Casey :-(

Hey Parents - We are helping people and are safe. Have a good day!

Hi From Boston- This group of kids have been such a good time! We had a beautiful drive up on Wednesday and even arrived in Boston a little early and got to drive around Fenway Park. Thursday night we got to be part of the community meal served out of the church we are staying in. Then we had some time for worship before bed. I'm having a blast getting to know all of them and can't wait for the fall!
-Amanda Huels!

Some more pictures of the group:

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