Thursday, June 30, 2016

47 days...

 It's been 47 days. It seems all hope is lost. We made the decision as a group to eat Jack Fico. That should stave off hunger for now. It was a worthy sacrifice. Lydia's constant singing is our only entertainment, but she is losing her voice. 

I'm going mad, we're all going mad. Being stuck on this desert island is the last thing we expected while flying over the continental United States. 

We have to fight off giant killer roaches constantly. They are bright red and come at you like lightning, and then darting off when you swing at them. One the size of a bull rushed me the other day and almost gored me. It too me 7 hours and 4 good spirits to finally bring down the beast, to no avail. The meat is putrid and inedible, what a waste. We used the chum the water around us but it was infested with gators and it isn't likely we are going to catch anything. 

As for water, we had to drink collected rainwater. It storms every day, and Jacob Golden got struck by lightning a while back. Turns out he is a good conductor. To anyone who finds this, please send help. We don't have much time left before...

Tamera & Timothy Shields...

Boy or Girl?

No bird calls

Love & Miss you

- Your Favorite Daughter Olivia :)

Hi Mom & Dad!

Hi Mom & Dad!

I hope you're fixing my phone right now! I miss you guys so much. I bet it's weird going from being with me 24/7 to not talking to me for a whole week! I'm having such a fun time here in Houston. 

We square danced the other night and with some local Texans and it was crazy! Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday!

Love, Stuart

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tricky Tuesday

Tuesday brought it's share of challenges between the serious heat in the morning and the afternoon thunderstorm that caused many sites to close up shop for the day and head in for showers early. 

The rain brought with it some cooler weather and a chance for one of the sites to see how well their drainage project was working. 

Even though the groups had a tough day on the sites and some unexpected visitors during their showers (SO. MANY. COCKROACHES) the group rallies for an unforgettable night with the KUMC youth group. 

KUMC brought in Otto and his wife Clara who are professional Square Dance Callers. Our whole gang spent two hours dancing and laughing. We were all ready for a second shower after we had finished dancing but no one was ready to face the cockroaches again. 

The jury is still out on what exactly the difference between line dancing and square dancing is but either way we all had a blast!

Check out our Facebook page for some great videos of the group dancing but here's a taste of it. This one might go down in HSMT history. We'd all like Otto to make an appearance in New Jersey one day.
He's that great. 
A PCW Youth Game: Can you spot the Youth Pastor?

HSMT Square Dancing!

The mission trip crew has some moves!

Dance Dance!

Line Dancing!

People Tornado (Dance)!

The whole crew at HSMT 2016!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Photos & Video Updates from the HSMT!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lots of advisors on the high school mission trip have been posting pictures of their worksites today on the PCW Youth Facebook Page!

If you haven't seen them or you don't have facebook, you can view those photos on Snapfish HERE!

I'll try to add the photos as the advisors post them, as best as possible.

Here are a few pictures (Video can be found on FB page): 

Notes from the Students

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Miss you guys and my bed! - Brian D. 

Parents, we love you bops! - The bops 

We have had so much fun at our worksites! - Tessbop 

Hey Mom, I just went under an unstable house for fun! <3, Bella

I love you mommy! - Stubop 

Can someone send Taylor Ham? - Mark Fleder & Lynn Adams

I MISS FRAITES! - Everyone 

Help! We are almost dead. The weather melted 3 kids' skin and the thunder rumbled so loud a worksite collapsed. Amanda was admitted to the hospital but no one knows why... 3 kids got Zika. Some kid got small pox but no one knows how. See you Sunday... 

Deborah our home owner is great at piano. She and Billy sand Amazing Grace and it was lit. 

We love Emily! - Freshman Gals

Welcome to Houston!

Howdy HSMT Fans! 

We have been very busy since we arrived in Houston on Sunday morning. Our travel couldn't have been smoother as we made our way here to Kingwood United Methodist Church (KUMC). The staff and members of this church have been going out of their way to show us hospitality and kindness. We've had members dropping off baked goods daily and we are loving it! 

Sunday Night we enjoyed a delicious baked potato bar!

Monday morning the crews headed out to meet their home owners and begin work on their projects. We have many tough projects ahead of us this week. On Sunday night we prayed for the families we would get to serve and for the home owners who are still left without help and continue to wait. The need down here is very real and we feel especially needed. 

Thank you for you continued prayers! We hope learning about this trip inspires you to follow God into the world in service of God's mission! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

HSMT Early Crew Departs TODAY!

Today, Thursday, June 23: the High School Mission Trip EARLY CREW, which consists of 9 amazingly awesome adult advisors, has departed for HOUSTON, TX! Let us pray for safe travels and a rewarding mission trip for these participants, as well as the remainder of the group heading to Houston on Sunday, June 26.

Our early crew: Martha Kieczykowski, Gerard Kieczykowski, Lynn Adams, Hal Benz, Mark Fleder, Chris Cerino, Buzz Cerino, Lydia Griffin, Gregg Gorman

Psalm 121:8 The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.

Monday, June 6, 2016

High School Mission Trip 2016 Parent & Student Meeting

Here are two MANDATORY events for HSMT 2016:

1. STUDENT & PARENT MEETING: June 7, 7pm Assembly Hall

2. COMMISSIONING SUNDAY: June 12, 10am Sanctuary
All SENIORS need to meet at Westminster Hall at 9:40am.

Any questions, please contact Rev. Amanda at or 908-233-0301 ext. 37.