Thursday, June 30, 2016

47 days...

 It's been 47 days. It seems all hope is lost. We made the decision as a group to eat Jack Fico. That should stave off hunger for now. It was a worthy sacrifice. Lydia's constant singing is our only entertainment, but she is losing her voice. 

I'm going mad, we're all going mad. Being stuck on this desert island is the last thing we expected while flying over the continental United States. 

We have to fight off giant killer roaches constantly. They are bright red and come at you like lightning, and then darting off when you swing at them. One the size of a bull rushed me the other day and almost gored me. It too me 7 hours and 4 good spirits to finally bring down the beast, to no avail. The meat is putrid and inedible, what a waste. We used the chum the water around us but it was infested with gators and it isn't likely we are going to catch anything. 

As for water, we had to drink collected rainwater. It storms every day, and Jacob Golden got struck by lightning a while back. Turns out he is a good conductor. To anyone who finds this, please send help. We don't have much time left before...

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