Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Notes from the Students

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Miss you guys and my bed! - Brian D. 

Parents, we love you bops! - The bops 

We have had so much fun at our worksites! - Tessbop 

Hey Mom, I just went under an unstable house for fun! <3, Bella

I love you mommy! - Stubop 

Can someone send Taylor Ham? - Mark Fleder & Lynn Adams

I MISS FRAITES! - Everyone 

Help! We are almost dead. The weather melted 3 kids' skin and the thunder rumbled so loud a worksite collapsed. Amanda was admitted to the hospital but no one knows why... 3 kids got Zika. Some kid got small pox but no one knows how. See you Sunday... 

Deborah our home owner is great at piano. She and Billy sand Amazing Grace and it was lit. 

We love Emily! - Freshman Gals

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  1. Miss you Nicole P and trust all is well. Love Dad, Mom, David + Cooper