Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tricky Tuesday

Tuesday brought it's share of challenges between the serious heat in the morning and the afternoon thunderstorm that caused many sites to close up shop for the day and head in for showers early. 

The rain brought with it some cooler weather and a chance for one of the sites to see how well their drainage project was working. 

Even though the groups had a tough day on the sites and some unexpected visitors during their showers (SO. MANY. COCKROACHES) the group rallies for an unforgettable night with the KUMC youth group. 

KUMC brought in Otto and his wife Clara who are professional Square Dance Callers. Our whole gang spent two hours dancing and laughing. We were all ready for a second shower after we had finished dancing but no one was ready to face the cockroaches again. 

The jury is still out on what exactly the difference between line dancing and square dancing is but either way we all had a blast!

Check out our Facebook page for some great videos of the group dancing but here's a taste of it. This one might go down in HSMT history. We'd all like Otto to make an appearance in New Jersey one day.
He's that great. 
A PCW Youth Game: Can you spot the Youth Pastor?

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